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Between Cesenatico and Gatteo Mare

Beaches to experience as a family

Gatteo Mare and Cesenatico are the beaches within easy reach of our hotels. Two different locations, both on the Riviera Romagnola. Gatteo small and intimate, as if it were a large tourist village. Cesenatico more extensive, as if it were the perfect outline for an ancient seaside village.
They have in common the type of beach: fine, golden sand that slopes gently down to the sea. The water always mild and mostly calm, thanks to the reef made of rocks.

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Viva Family Hotels

Animation and relaxation on the sand

Experience the beach

Thinking about family vacation means creating a range of services, opportunities and appointments that are appealing and fun for adults and children. The Gatteo Mare Sumer Village plans events and entertainment, fun and sports activities for tourists in town. All our guests can choose to participate in the events calendar or be entertained by the beauty of Cesenatico's sights.

Between Cesenatico and Gatteo Mare

Our Hotels

Viva Family Hotels

Our hotels overlook the stretch of the Romagna coast between Cesenatico and Gatteo Mare. On the finest, golden sand, we have selected excellent hotel facilities, transforming them into perfect places for our guests' family vacations.

Gatteo Mare Summer Village

Animation and entertainment

For a super vacation

Viva Family Hotels All Inclusive


Muscle awakening in the water, yoga on the sand, tournaments for the little ones.

Viva Family Hotels All Inclusive


Baby Dance, tournaments, shows, sand castle competitions and more.

Viva Family Hotels All Inclusive


Shows, music, dancing, the whole village comes alive and is colored with smiles.